Why I Chose To Promote Allen Carr

As you can see from my site, I love Allen Carr’s book. This site is almost dedicated to the book, yet I do my best to provide the information I have learned, as well as information that I think others will be interested in; I don’t want this site to just be a squeeze page with “BUY HERE” written all over the place.

That said, I thought it would be good to further explain why I love his book and why it is what I promote.

Firstly, it is not about the money. Earning a piece of money as reward for my work is nice, but if this site was purely dedicated to making money, I would be promoting e-cigarettes, chewing gum, hypnosis, all sorts of products that are a lot more popular, and a lot more lucrative. The truth is though, I am not comfortable with promoting these.

Why not?

Well firstly, they already have a ton of exposure, a ton of popularity, and a ton of sales, they don’t need my help. Secondly, as I explained on another page, I don’t believe they work. They can sort of help people to quit smoking I guess, but I think those people quit because they wanted to quit so badly, they did it in spite of the nicotine replacement, not BECAUSE of it. See the difference?

Why is Allen Carr different?

Well, when I first read his book, I found it to be very refreshing. Not only is the writing style interesting, funny, and easy to follow, but the methods are so different, and every page you read, it makes more sense. When I used to read other quit smoking websites, I would think “well, sounds nice, not sure if I can do that…maybe I will go have a cigarette and think about it” while Allen Carr made me think like this “OH MY…it makes so much sense!”

Yes, really, if you don’t believe me, click “look inside” and read the first few pages yourself.

Obviously it worked.

Worked and then some, not only did I manage to quit forever, beating my previous record of 3 days, but I quit without fear, I quit knowing I was already an ex-smoker, and I quit with ease. In fact, I didn’t quit smoking, I just started living. I learned so much from this book about my psychology and the connection with smoking (and all addictions) that every aspect of my life started clicking together more.


Every single other attempt I had at quitting smoking was pre-empted with a fear that I was going to fail, I struggled through it, eventually lighting up again and feeling depressed, weak, useless, embarrassed, the works. With Allen Carr that was gone, I felt so much smarter, like a light-bulb had gone on in my head and everything was so much clearer, it really was an amazing read. I’ve re-read the book three times. I am very comfortable promoting this book because I know anyone who buys it is going to have a great time and will end up sharing it with their friends too.

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