Tips To Help When You Stop Smoking

I decided to compile a few things that I used when I stopped smoking and turn them into some tips. I’ve talked before about how nicotine addiction is only a subtle thing and it doesn’t take long to get it out of your system, but those first few days are tricky nonetheless, therefore some of these tips might help you stay off the smokes once you have decided it is time to quit.


  1. Massage your temples with your fingers. – I found that during the first couple of days my head started feeling a little “fuzzy” and tense, this is just a little discomfort from the nicotine leaving your body. A little massage to the temples goes a long way, even better if you can get someone else to help you do it.
  2. Exercise, even just a little – There were times in my first day where I thought “I’m not ready, maybe I will quit tomorrow” but instead I just did some exercise, got my blood pumping, something simple like star jumps or jogging around the living room is enough to get endorphins going and make you realize now is definitely the time to quit.
  3. Drink tea or water – I don’t know what but it really helps when you get a few cravings, drinking through a straw helps even more.
  4. Chewing gum, NOT nicotine gum – Your mouth might get lots of saliva after 8 or so hours because the gums are starting to heal (yes it works that quickly) and I found gum helped. Note: Do not use gum as an alternative or “replacement” for smoking, just use it when your jaw feels uncomfortable.
  5. Deep Breathing – It’s amazing how fast your lung capacity increases, in the first day, you find that you can breath a lot deeper if you want to, this realization, along with the increased oxygen you receive, is a real boost to the mind.


Now, these methods are not enough to keep you from smoking again, but once you have found your method (See EASY-WAY for more info) these few tips will make everything smoother for you. Good luck.

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