The Stop Snoring Exercise – Reviewed

The Stop Snoring Exercis

Snoring is a big issue in almost every household. Nobody likes to be a snorer, and nobody likes to hear a snorer, but for years it has kept people up at night with few solutions out there. The Stop snoring exercise, a product from Blue Heron health, is changing that status quo and getting rid of snoring for good.

The Stop Snoring Exercise

The idea behind this new method is to eliminate snoring at its roots. Until now, most solutions to snoring involved either:

  1. Expensive Surgery
  2. Expensive devices
  3. Just putting up with it

None of them seem ideal do they? Even though many devices on the market work well, the second you stop using them the snoring comes back.


Surely it is much better to learn how to stop snoring immediately?


This is where the stop snoring exercise program comes in. Product creator Christian Goodman found that by performing daily breathing exercises, he was able to stop snoring almost immediately.

I won’t go into it too much here, because he explains it much better than me, but snoring is caused by blocked airways and tissue in your throat vibrating. By performing these breathing exercises, you are removing those obstructions and therefore removing snoring.

Surgery does the same thing, it just doesn’t have to require surgery anymore.

What else does the program teach?

As well as a large amount of breathing exercises (you can click the image to hear one example on his website), Christian also takes time to explain about sleep posture and several other factors for why we snore.

He also understands the problems caused by snoring, such as couples sleeping in separate rooms (this was the case with my parents), lack of sleep, stress, resentment, the list goes on. I like that he is motivated by helping people (There are so many different health products and solutions on his site) rather than just provide a new device that will cost you an arm and a leg for a good night’s sleep.

His product is much more reasonably priced and will solve your problem forever.


Program Support

The step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on how to perform the exercises are part of what makes it so successful. It is easy for everyone to follow, so just like the mantra of this website, it really is “Easy to Stop”.

With 24 different exercises in the program, you will learn to develop strong jaw and throat muscles, which when combined with the airway clearing daily exercises, will make sure you never have snoring problems again.

Like I said before, don’t take my word for it, Christian explains it much better.


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