Frequently Asked Questions about Snoring

What is snoring?

Basically, snoring takes place when a person breathes through their mouth and induces vibrations in thesoft palate and uvula. Normally occurring during sleep, snoring can create various noises that happen in males and females, the young and the old, and even pets. Snoring in one person could be really slightand soft, while in others the snoring can be loud and disturbing. The volume of the sound generally depends on the individual and why they are snoring.

What triggers snoring?

When someone sleeps, the muscles not being used begin to relax and the air passages will narrow. Snoring takes place when the air is being pushed through an individual's airway. Depending on just how powerful the air is being pressed, the volume of the snore will certainly differ. Men are usually louder than ladies considering that their necks are usually larger. Additionally, it is believed that a bodily hormone generated by females, called progesterone, functions to stop or significantly decrease instances of snoring. There are numerous different sources that might cause snoring. As an example, if a person struggles with allergic reactions that could possibly clog the air passages or takes prescriptions that dry up the nasal tooth cavities, they could deal with snoring.

Anything that will stop up, irritate, or otherwise block the air passage could be a reason for snoring, such as a cold, the flu, thick nasal tissues, nasal sprays, inflamed thyroid gland, tonsillitis, puffy adenoids, big tongue, excessive weight, alcoholic beverages, maturing, and smoking cigarettes. All these could result in the occurrence of snoring in anyone.

Does snoring impact anyone apart from the snorer?

In one word, YES! Snoring could impact everybody in the family. When snoring occurs, generally the individual doing the snoring has no idea they are doing this. But everybody around them will likely be extremely familiar with it. There are an assortment of things that could occur with those who have to cope with a snorer. They will likely sleep poorly and this could bring about various other emotional problems. Snoring can put a large strain on relationships.

Does a remedy exist for snoring?

There are many actions a snorer can take to reduce or perhaps cure their snoring. There is surgical treatment available, however, there are a couple of points to take into consideration before undergoing something drastic like that. For one, the cost of  surgery is pretty high and your insurance policy might not cover it, since its an elective procedure to stop snoring. Another thing to consider is that some folks are very susceptible to complications after the surgery is done. There could also be negative side effects, medication needed, and even the chance that the surgery was ineffective, and you continue to snore (due to other underlying causes for the snoring).

Some people look to alternative approaches for addressing snoring such as prescriptions, tools, exercise, diet plan, and changing rest position. Click here to learn more about a natural exercise program you can due to help reduce or even cure your snoring.

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