E Cigarette Reviews

electronic cigarette reviewsIf you’ve not heard of an e-cigarette before, then I’m not sure where you’ve been. Certainly any smoker out there will have heard of them, and probably even considered trying them at one point in time.

The desire to quit is strong among smokers, but the fear of it is just as strong, if not stronger. E Cigarettes are great for helping you wean yourself off  cigarettes, but you probably have some questions to ask:

“Which ones are the best?” “Are they safe?” “Do they all work?” and so on.

In truth, since e cigarettes are all quite different, there is definitely a varying level of effectiveness, and some might even be slightly more dangerous than others. That is where this page comes in.

I created this page as a review, or list, of the top e cigarettes, so you know that if you do end up decided to try them, you can make sure you go for some quality brands.

It is ironic that smokers put cigarettes in their mouths every day without thinking, but when it comes to e cigarettes, we want to make sure we are getting safe ones, but there you go!

Top E Cigarettes

v2 cigs


V2 Cigs

V2 are the biggest and most popular brand in The US, enjoying over 1 million satisfied customers. They are battery operated, but the quality of battery is high and re-chargeable. Like many e cigs, they come in a variety of flavors.



South Beach Smokes

Another popular brand with good reviews. A nice mix of flavor, vapor and value. Cheaper than V2 Cigs yet still effective. They also run offers often.




starfire cigs


Starfire Cigs

Number 3 behind the other two, but still a very high quality e cigarette. One thing that makes them popular is their style. They hae put a lot of thought and effort into how their cigarettes look, check out their site to see what I mean.


Buying Tips

Whether you go for one of the above, or prefer to choose something else, there are some things you should check out. First, make sure they clearly define their nicotine and other ingredient levels. Electronic cigarettes are not regulated as heavily as real cigarettes, so some of the naughtier brands can be quite harmful (still healthier than real ones), so be careful when buying a brand without a good reputation. There are so many reputable brands out there, you shouldn’t need to do this anyway.




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