Do Anti Snoring Pills really work?

Snoring is a major problem that can ruin your sleep and relationship at the same time. There are reports of marriages that have been broken because of one spouse’s snoring. Even if things are not that dire, you are probably here because you or someone you love snores, and it has become a problem. Anti snoring pills ┬ácan provide relief for those who would like to stop this involuntary, uncontrollable habit. There are numerous brands of anti snoring pills and all of them promise instant relief from snoring. They also claim to be all natural consisting of herbs and enzyme. So are anti snoring pills really effective?

Well, the effectiveness of these pills will depend on the cause of your snoring. Snoring is both a sleep and a breathing disorder. Causes of snoring often include nasal and sinus problems, being overweight, alcohol,medication and sleeping posture. Anti snoring pills address one of these potential causes of snoring: nasal and sinus problems. They are made up of enzymes and herbs that are meant to clear up nasal passages and any mucus. This ensures smooth passage of air in and out of your lungs, thereby preventing snoring caused by mucous and sinus problems. Such pills also help in preventing inflammation, swelling of the throat, and clearing up sinuses. These pills are therefore effective when someone has occasional or continual snoring caused by allergies, sinuses, or swollen throat.

Snoring could also be an indication of sleep apnea, which is a more serious condition that prevents breathing while asleep and causes a person to stop breathing for short periods of time while they are asleep. Sleep apnea can be very serious, and should not be treated lightly. Anti snoring pills are unlikely to help if you suffer from sleep apnea, so the best course of action would be to consult a physician.

SnoreStop is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand of anti snore medicine. It is a non-addictive, non-drowsy homeopathic medicine. SnoreStop works by targeting the soft tissues in the back of your throat. Snoring can often be caused by narrowing of the airways caused by inflammation in this area. These pills shrink the swollen soft tissues, as well as dry up the built up mucus blocking your nasal passages. Many users have reported noticeable improvements in the intensity and volume of their snoring after taking these pills. The general consensus is that while they may not be an absolute cure to snoring, they definitely are effective at reducing the symptoms, and improving the level of snoring, helping users and their sleep partners alike get a better night’s rest.

The disadvantage is that anti snoring pills may not always live up to expectations. If they have no effect on you, it means your snoring is caused by some other symptoms that are not addressed by this medication. They are not effective on snoring caused by other reasons other than blocked or swollen nasal passages, and inflammation in the throat tissues. Some people may also experience side effects similar to other respiratory drugs such as drowsiness and increased heart rate. This may not be indicated on the packaging, but everyone reacts differently, so take precautions the first time you try taking these pills, and start with a small dose before trying to increase it. Anti snoring pills could also possibly contain chemicals that are not so helpful to your body. It would be more advisable to only use them after consulting a doctor.

If you have tried anti snoring pills and found them to be ineffective, there are many other devices that do not require you to ingest any medicine. There are also stop snoring exercises you can learn to help stop snoring without any devices or medicine at all.

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