Did Zayn Malik Stop Smoking?

So it is 2012, and Zayn Malik is still smoking. He has admitted that he found it more difficult to quit than he expected, but he hopes he can do it soon.

Colin Farrell recently quit, and Zayn said he was inspired by that. Perhaps if Zayn tried another method he would find it easier? But right now, it seems that he is still puffing away. “I’m on about 8 or 9 a day” he said last week.

At his age, 19, he still has plenty of time to quit, yet that is one of the problems many young smokers experience. “I will quit before I become that 40 a day guy constantly outside the pub” but there doesn’t seem to be a halfway stage for many, either you are already well on your way to that, or you have quit.

The good news though, is that Zane is trying, and wants to quit. Of course, many people are in the same boat, but they probably don’t have as much pressure as he does. All he needs to do is find the best way to quit¬†and then he can do it, no problem.

Perhaps his hectic lifestyle is keeping him from taking the time to quit, which is why I think reading a book is perfect for him, all those flights and coach rides must leave him needing something to read, so instead of waiting for the journey to end so he can spark up, why not read Allen Carr’s book and enjoy the ride?

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