Brain Tricks

Something occurred to me recently. I hadn’t had this thought for a long time but when it struck it was quite amusing to realize. I think it is something that all wannabe non smokers and would be quitters should be aware of.

Basically, when you first quit smoking your brain will jump through all sorts of logical loop holes in order to try to trick you into lighting up again. You will have thoughts like “Oh it is 10:01am so I can go smoke and quit again later” all sorts of irrational thoughts that are easy to spot and can be dealt with in time. The more practice and preparation you have for this, the better.


Some Tricks Are Very Subtle

One trick that I think gets a lot of ex-smokers back into the habit, is to do with the enjoyment of smoking. Many of us know that most of the time we do not enjoy smoking, and we know that those times we seem to enjoy it, this is just a perception. As you will learn from Allen Carr’s book, the ‘enjoyment’ we receive from smoking is just the relieving of withdrawal pangs. Every cigarette makes us want another one, because when it is extinguished, we immediately want more nicotine, so the next cigarette gives us that nicotine, and we think it is pleasure.

Now, before you are aware of this, you might quit smoking and eventually take it up again because you miss the “pleasure” too much, or you think that you would rather smoke and be happy than be healthy and unhappy.

What I found so revolutionary about Allen Carr’s book was him making me realize that I was never getting pleasure from the cigarette in the first place. Once you realize this, quitting is easy.

Be Wary In The Early Days

However, even when you are quit and enjoying your life and thinking to yourself how great it is, your mind will at some point say to you

“Well, you know that you only enjoyed smoking because you were addicted, and if you had a cigarette now, you would not only regret it, feel dizzy, but the smoke would taste disgusting in the first place..this is true…but if you have another one after that, you will enjoy it again”

It is like your mind is saying “Yes the pleasure only comes from addiction, so let’s get ourselves addicted again!”

How crazy is that? The whole reason we struggled to quit in the first place was because we felt that we couldn’t live without the pleasure and we felt that we got something out of cigarettes. Then we go on to realize that this is not actually true, that cigarettes give us nothing but dependency, and once in a while our brain says “hey, but that dependency is fun to relieve”

Logic Should Win

What about all the times when you are stuck in a restaurant and can’t smoke? Being free from that situation is the real pleasure. Just take a deep breath, remember why you quit, laugh at your brain for its funny logic, and know that this thought will only last a few seconds and will not come again for a long time. Don’t fall for it.

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