Are E-cigarettes Harmful?

I read recently that researchers at the University of Athens have completed research and found that e cigarettes may in fact be harmful to ones health. The research found that inhaling the vapor from electric cigarettes reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, and therefore can lead to damage to the lungs.

For many, this comes as no surprise. The FDA has issued warnings and cautions about the possible health risks of vapor cigs ever since they were first introduced in 2007, and other health experts have stated that the lack of regulation and research related to the products means that there is no sufficient proof to the manufacturer’s claims of e cigarettes really being the “healthy” alternative.

Reduced regulation

Because they do not contain any tobacco, they are not regulated as heavily as regular cigarettes, you don’t even need to prove that you are 18 years old in order to buy them. The FDA found that nicotine levels contained in the liquid nicotine cartridges (the main device for producing the ‘vapor’) can vary greatly and it is not always clear, or does not always match the stated amount.

This worries many people as they fear that the lack of age verification, as well as the attractiveness of flavors such as strawberry and chocolate, will result in more youngsters becoming unwittingly hooked on nicotine and may even lead to real cigarette usage in the future.


The e cigarette is already banned in Canada, Israel and Australia among others, and is being regulated more heavily in other countries in light of this new evidence.

So why bother?

Most people make the switch to e cigarettes as a way of quitting smoking, they might use them to ween themselves out of the habit, while improving their health in the meantime. I find this slightly problematic though. Firstly, if vaping is still putting nicotine into your body (and sometimes other chemicals too) you are not going to be ending your addiction anytime soon, secondly, if more evidence is now coming out to prove that e cigarettes are harmful too, what is the point? They are also expensive.

The main reasons people want to quit smoking are 1.) Health 2.) Finances 3.) Freedom from addiction.   Can you see an e cigarette helping with any of these?

Of course, it look like I am coming down very harshly on the e cigarette, and that is my intention, for me it just appears to be the latest fashionable device or fad that people are forking out for in order to fail at quitting one more time. I’m yet to meet somebody who attempted to quit with an e cigarette and did it successfully. Did you know that 75% of people who quit permanently did it cold turkey?

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