5 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

I have been wanting to blog for a little while about some of the best ways to quit smoking. There are many guides out there with many different methods. I obviously favor Allen Carr’s method, but I admit there are other ways to quit smoking, so here are my top 5 ways


1.) Allen Carr’s EasyWay To Stop Smoking.

This has to be my number 1 simply because it worked for me where others failed. I tried to stop smoking using several methods before I finally discovered this one, and I ultimateily succeeded very easily using this way.

2.) Electronic Cigarettes.

For many people, it is the smoking ‘action’ and the habit which is the hardest thing to break. E-cigarettes are becoming very popular now because they closely mimic the act of smoking withough the anti-social side or the health risks. Before I quit successfully, this method was the one that worked best for me, so maybe it can work for you too. I know many people who quit using this method, but I think it is important to only see it as temporary and not to become reliant on the e-cigarettes or the cost can add up.

3.) Cold-Turkey

This is perhaps the hardest method to succeed for many people because it is perceived as very difficult and many people end up missing smoking too much. However, it has its pluses.  It gets nicotine out of your system very quickly and if you can deal with the psychological aspects of quitting, then you are home free in a matter of days.

4.) Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

This is another great book and really goes deep into the psychological aspects of quitting smoking. Combined with Allen Carr’s book it is probably what got me off smoking for good. It is only number 4 on this list because it doesn’t deal exclusively with quitting smoking, there are many other great things about life that Tony helps you to improve, so it is worth reading simply for that.

5.) Cultivating new habits.

Breaking the habit of smoking is what it is all about. If you can start creating new habits to replace smoking, when you do quit you won’t miss it so much. If those habits revolve around health or other situations where smoking would negatively affect them, it is even better.

Maybe you can use a combination of these methods, or maybe you can try several until you find out which way works best for you to quit. Either way, if you try these methods you will surely quit, because they are based on the experiences of many ex-smokers!


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